Website Launch: Chicago Food Magazine

We recently designed and developed a new responsive website for exploring Chicago’s growing food scene.

Of all of the things that we enjoy about Chicago, the food scene is probably at the top of the list. By food scene, I’m not referring to Chicago dogs, deep dish or Italian beef. Instead, I’m talking about the fast-growing assortment of new establishments opening by some of the nation’s most notable new chefs and entrepreneurs. When we are not behind our computers or sketching new ideas at our desks, you will most often find us enjoying craft beers, cocktails and/or a delicious meal somewhere that is most likely becoming our new favorite bar or restaurant.

You can imagine our delight when we began talking with Chicago Food Magazine back in October. Their team had already begun documenting Chicago’s growing restaurant population through captivating photography. With a vibrant social media presence in place and an ever-growing subscriber base, the team was ready to make their foray into publishing content on their own platform. Their goal was to create an online magazine that provides informative posts on the Chicago food scene in addition to breaking information on news and events.

Throughout our correspondence with Chicago Food Magazine, we brainstormed features and devised a plan for a publishing platform that would be able to meet their current goals while also providing a strong foundation for future developments. This platform provides the editorial team with tools to publish articles that include a variety of image and social media elements on the responsive website.

Our design process produced a scalable visual system that would highlight their rich use of photography and provide a pleasant reading experience for visitors. With a large social media following already in place, an important part of the website’s development involved creating a system for sharing content through those channels. To keep followers informed, breaking news is automatically dispersed across those outlets as articles are published.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to design and develop the new Chicago Food Magazine website. Even more so, we have thoroughly enjoyed the content that the magazine has been producing since launch. Over the next few weeks, we will be discussing the project in more detail through a series of blog posts as well as a case study.

We hope that you take the opportunity to experience the new website at and hopefully we’ll catch you frequenting one of Chicago’s many top-notch establishments.

James LaCroix

Designer & Founder

We are an innovative design and development team specializing in web and product experiences.

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