Raising Money to Help Those Fighting Cancer

A cancer survivor all too familiar with the financial burden of treatment, Jeremy Picker founded CANC3R as a way to use his knowledge of the apparel industry to raise funds for those fighting the disease. Proceeds from the sale of a line of hip tee shirts featuring positive messages go directly toward a patient fighting cancer.

To support this great cause, we donated our services to create a brand identity for CANC3R. The logo needed to have a modern, youthful aesthetic to complement the apparel line while also showcasing the unique spelling of the brand. Additionally, the wordmark was designed to have a strong presence to represent the strength of the patients fighting cancer.

CANC3R needed a bright, visual website that clearly delivered their message and showcased their product. Taking advantage of our 1 Page Sites service, CANC3R was able to quickly launch a site to begin raising money for their first campaign.

To encourage sharing and increase support for the cause, we developed a system for CANC3R to visually display the progress of each campaign.

With a young target audience, CANC3R was aware that a large portion of their visitors would be visiting the site on a mobile phone or table. Thus, a responsive website was the perfect choice for delivering their message across a multitude of device sizes.

Designed for multiple screens

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