Dish Conference 2013

Attracting Conference Attendees

We are very active in AIGA, both on a national level and a chapter level. The organization is one that we are strong promoters of and LaCroix Design Co. appreciates the benefits that the organization brings to the design community, but also to the world. Therefore, the opportunity to be able to contribute our talents to making this event a success was very important to us.

AIGA Nashville provided the logo for the 2013 event and we were asked to create the corresponding website. The site serves to advertise for the event and provide attendees with pertinent information about it.

We utilized the bright, rich colors of the logo to create a fun, single-page online experience. A focus was placed on the content and a typographic system was designed to facilitate a comfortable reading environment. Since the information only changes once a year, in lieu of the former WordPress setup we developed a responsive, static HTML site to quickly deliver content across a multitude of devices. This way, attendees will be able to readily access the schedule or speaker information on whatever device they bring with them to the event.

Dish Conference 2013

Designed for multiple screens

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