Providing a Painless Solution for Integrating Online Services is a new solution that provides a platform for connecting ecommerce services. The service provides a quick and painless way to connect various web entities without the need to build your own connections. The integrations offerings are highly customizable and allow developers to shape solutions according to business needs.

Users can easily create transfer data to or from one of the many available integrations or create custom integrations of their own.

The web application assures that orders are never lost and systematically retries connections if a problem is discovered. Users are provided alerts via a notification system to provide awareness of any issues and make the process of tracking and resolving them effortless.

The service allows for users to define what conditions should trigger an event and how data will be parsed from one service to another.

We provided all design and front-end development for the initial launch of the web application, while Buildrx handled all of the back-end development. Since this was the initial launch of the minimum viable product, we were aware that the product would continue to expand over time. Thus, we created a modular style guide that would provide the visual direction for continually building on the product.

A record of events provides status updates and options for administrators to resolve issues or request support. is in its final stages of development and will be launching soon. Find out more via their website.

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