Not Today Coalition

Increased Support & Dononations for a Nonprofit

The Not Today Coalition is a non-profit supported by modern day abolitionists seeking to put an end to the injustices suffered by the Dalits of India. Empowering the Dalit children through education, NTC's goal is to impact 25,000 Dalit communities by funding 1000 schools.

In order to help supporters better recognize Not Today Coalition and their cause, we created a brand identity that represented the goals of the organization.

To aid Not Today Coalition with increasing support for their cause, we designed and developed a custom web application. By creating this, users are not restricted to certain devices and can be accessed via any browser. The simple intutive application allows for visitors to sign up for the coalition, donate to the cause and share it with their friends.

The responsive web application delivers a fantastic user experience, no matter the size of the device. This provides an added benefit since representatives of the organization can sign supporters up on location at events using tablets.

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